Brazil Team Squad Roster For Copa America 2016 Centenario

Copa America 2016 Centenario is already on  track and  all teams and their coaches are on a run. A run to find the right line up and players scattered around the world playing in different leagues. And today we are taking a peep into the Brazil team roster for Copa america. Brazil coach Dunga will certainly be looking forward to bringing back the cup  which was last won at 2007 where Brazil beat Argentina by 3 goals to nil Venezuela. Although it won’t be that much easy for him. The biggest problem he  have to face  is the  unavailability of world class players playing in different clubs all over the world.

Brazil team squad for copa america 2016

Brazil Team Squad For Copa America 2016

When we look at the squad roster,there is a huge gap of Neymar as Barcelona have declared that he won’t play as they need him critically at the time of Copa america. His  disappearance in Copa will not only   effect the forward momentum of the team but also will effect the fans who were so eagerly waiting to cheer for him and his goals. Although they have an attacking team of Hulk-“Gabigol”-and Oliviera, the lack of Neymar “touch” may effect them in goal scoring.

When we look at the midfield players, a good squad of LUIZ GUSTAVO, RENATO AUGUSTO, PHILIPPE COUTINHO, LUCAS LIMA, CASEMIRO, RAFINHA, DOUGLAS COSTA and ELIAS. Almost all the big names of Brazilian mid fielders are present in the roster which gives us a preview of a strong and valuable midfield play.

Defense team includes MIRANDA, GILS, MARQUINHOS, RODRIGO CAIO, DANI ALVES, FILIPE LUIZ, FABINHO, DOUGLAS SANTOS. I know what you all might be thinking right now. Some major names are missing right? MARCELO, THIAGO SILVA and DAVID LUIZ are excluded from the roster. As we look at the names of the players defence has more loss. Almost three pillars of the big Brazilian defence castle  have vanished.

Between the sticks Brazil will either have DIEGO ALVES, ALISON or EDERSON. As we look at the roster,the midfield is strong,forward team is good,and defence is average. If Brazilians need a good outcome from their games they will have to concentrate the game totally on midfield as defence and attack doesn’t look so promising. The exact passes and attacking mind and at the same time brilliant defensive game from the mid fielders can hold the team upright..But if the pressure and consistency can’t be maintained by the mid fielders it is going to be an early good bye to Brazil. But if they can make good of it, they can say a late but glorious good bye from Copa America.

We always say that football is not played on paper, but the line up do count. Now it’s just a matter of days from finding out if Dunga’s boys can play out of paper.

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