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CONMEBOL announced the schedule of Copa America 2015 football tournament on 11th November last year. The first round or group stage round of South American football competition will begin from 11 June 2015. All 12 teams are divided into 3 groups A, B and C with four teams each. Each team will play against other team in their respective group. To categorize these teams, the confederation ran a draw in Vina Del Mar, Chile. In this competition, Mexico and Jamaica are the two invited football nations. Brazil and Colombia are grouped in same group which can called as group of death. Group B is not bad at all as teams like Argentina and Uruguay are featured in it. Have a look on complete fixtures of Copa America 2015 below with match dates and time.

Copa America 2015 Schedule Calender

Group A: Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia
Group B: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Jamaica
Group C: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela

Match Date Time
Group Stage Matches
Chile vs Ecuador 11 June 8:30 pm
Mexico vs Bolivia 12 June 8:30 pm
Uruguay vs Jamaica 13 June 4:00 pm
Argentina vs Paraguay 13 June 6:30 pm
Colombia vs Venezuela 14 June 4:00 pm
Brazil vs Peru 14 June 6:30 pm
Ecuador vs Bolivia 15 June 6:00 pm
Chile vs Mexico 15 June 8:30 pm
Paraguay vs Jamaica 16 June 6:00 pm
Argentina vs Uruguay 16 June 8:30 pm
Brazil vs Colombia 17 June 8:30 pm
Peru vs Venezuela 18 June 8:30 pm
Mexico vs Ecuador 19 June 6:00 pm
Chile vs Bolivia 19 June 8:30 pm
Uruguay vs Paraguay 20 June 4:00 pm
Argentina vs Jamaica 20 June 6:30 pm
Colombia vs Peru 21 June 4:00 pm
Brazil vs Venezuela 21 June 6:30 pm
Quarter final
TBD 24 June 8:30 pm
TBD 25 June 8:30 pm
TBD 26 June 8:30 pm
TBD 27 June 8:30 pm
Semi final
TBD 29 June 8:30 pm
TBD 30 June 8:30 pm
Third place
TBD 3 July 8:30 pm
TBD 4 July 7:00 pm

Host nation Chile will kick off the campaign Ecuador at the Estadio Nacional. In group stage round, 18 matches will be played. Top 2 teams from each group and top 2 best third placed teams will qualify for the quarter final round. In case of tie, following criteria will be used to select the two best third place teams for quarter final round:

  1. Most number of points in group stage
  2. Goal difference in all group matches
  3. Most number of goals scored in group games
  4. Head to Head results [between 2 teams]

Group stage games are scheduled to be played from 11 to 21 June. From 24 to 27 June quarter final round will be played between top 8 teams. Semi final on 29 and 30 June, final on 4th July.

Defending champions Uruguay could miss their star forward Luis Suarez due to ban of FIFA for biting incident in FIFA World Cup 2014. He is suspended for nine consecutive matches of the national team of Uruguay. CAS [Confederation Argentina de Sordomudos] declared Suarez ineligible to play in official matches at any level for a period of four consecutive months, starting on 25 June 2014.

Wilmar Valdez, the president of Uruguayan football association told to reporters that he is still hopeful the ruling will be overturned, although he conceded it will be difficult. The president said

We are still negotiating this issue with FIFA, but we almost have ran out of options, and the truth is that it will be miracle if Luis can play at the Copa America. So far we have been on the Saudi Arabia tour that we did in October, which we used to speak with Luis about his return to the national team after the World Cup. We said a lot of things with him, but we think that’s in the past.

Ofcourse, Wilmar Valdez do everything which is possible to remove Suarez’s ban. He is the key player of Uruguay who is capable to defend the Copa America title in Chile which is beginning from 11 June 2015.

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